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GRE Test

The Graduate Record Examination is an international test that is conducted to estimate the verbal, mathematical, as well as analytical abilities of the candidates who have a desire to get admission in colleges and universities as well. The Graduate Record Examination is also known as GRE. The GRE test processes:

Analytical Writing:

GRE test measures the critical thinking and analytical writing abilities, precisely the ability of the test taker to express ideas clearly and effectively as well.

Verbal Reasoning:

Verbal reasoning measures the reading understanding ability and verbal and analogical reasoning skills as well, focusing on the ability of the test takers to analyze and to evaluate the written material.

Quantitative Reasoning:

Quantitative reasoning measures the problem-solving ability, focusing on main concepts of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and data analysis.

This test assists the universities or colleges to measure the capability of candidates for advanced education. It also assists in measuring the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking as well as analytical writing skills of an aspirant. GRE is usually deliberated to be an entrance requirement for Engineering and Sciences Programs, only the SAT is a requirement for undergraduate programs and GMAT for business or the management programs as well.

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) General Test is a multiple-choice admission test for the candidates to graduate schools. GRE Is held under the direction of the Graduate Record Examination Board which is a non-profit organization of graduate business schools internationally. The GRE is available at almost 700 test centers in over 160 countries. In most zones of the world, the computer-based test is available on a constant basis in the whole year.

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