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SAT  Test

The SAT (pronounced “S-A-T”) Reasoning Test, previously known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the Scholastic Assessment Test, is a sort of standardized test that is normally conducted by colleges and universities in the United States (US) to assist in the selection of new students. In United States., the SAT is controlled by the private College Board, and is established, published, as well as scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

SAT test in Pakistan is generally conducted to tests the candidate’s knowledge of subjects that are essential for college success: reading, writing, as well as mathematics. The SAT evaluates the critical thinking abilities which the candidates required for academic success in college and abilities that students learned in high school.

SAT is an internationally known as the standardized test that is used to make the university admission decisions. This test is offered in all over the world. Most of the students take the SAT during their first year of A-levels.

Nearly all major undergraduate programs needs the candidates to take SAT. Few programs particularly pre medical and pre engineering programs, needs the candidates to take subject tests also.

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