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TOEFL guide for Pakistani students

Test of English as a Foreign Language or is a standardized English language proficiency test for non-native English language speakers who have a desire to get admission in U.S. universities. The test is accepted by a large number of English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the entire world; the second one is the IELTS.

Basically TOEFL is planned and superintended by Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS is a private non-profit organization that is responsible for arranging and manages the tests. The TOEFL test scores are valid only for two years and after that this bound time period these scores are no more considered.

TOEFL test is mainly held to measure the capability of the student to use and understand English at the university level. Moreover it appraises that how well you associate your listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities for performing various academic tasks. International candidates are required to display a specific amount of comfort along with the English as the primary language of communication. TOEFL, test is normally proffered by all international aspirants, is the latest internet based test which consists of four sections, every section would create a specific form of student collaboration along with education system.

Basically, there are 2 formats for the TOEFL test. The format that you select depends on the place of your test center. Most applicants take the Internet-based Test (iBT). All those test centers that don’t have an access to internet offers the Paper-based Test (PBT).

In Pakistan only the Internet-based Test (iBT) is taken.

Internet-based Test (iBT)

In the meantime its introduction in the year 2005, the Internet-based Test (iBT) has increasingly replaced both the computer-based tests (CBT) as well as the paper-based tests (PBT), however the paper-based testing is still used in some regions. The internet based test has been introduced in phases, with the United States (US), Canada, France, Germany, as well as Italy in year2005 and the rest of the world in 2006, along with test centers added habitually. The Computer based test was superseded in September 2006 and these scores are not valid anymore.

The 4 hour test consists of almost four sections, each section measuring one of the basic language abilities (whereas few tasks require incorporating multiple skills) as well as all the tasks focus on language utilized in an academic, higher-education environment.

o   Reading

The Reading section consists of 3 to 4 passageways, every passage consist of 700 words in length and questions about the passages. Students answer the questions about leading ideas, details, inferences, important information, sentence insertion, vocabulary, rhetorical tenacity and the complete ideas. The new sorts of questions in iBT need filling out tables or the completing summaries.

o   Listening

This section consists of almost 6 passages of almost 3 to 5 minutes in length and the questions regarding the passages. These passages comprise of the conversation of the two students and four academic orations or on the discussions as well. A conversation implicates 2 speakers, a candidate and either a professor or a campus service benefactor. The questions are meant to measure the capability to understand the important ideas, main details, suggestions, relationships between ideas, association of information, speaker purpose as well as attitude of speaker.

o   Speaking

The Speaking section comprises of approximately 6 tasks: two independent tasks as well as 4 built-in tasks. Though, in the two independent tasks, the test-takers answer the opinion questions on convarsent topics. They are estimated on the capability of student to speak impulsively as well as conveying ability. In two of the built-in tasks, test conductors read a short passage, listen to an academic lecture or a conversation regarding the campus life and answer a question by joining the appropriate information from the text and the talk. In the two left over integrated tasks, the test conductors listen to an academic course lecture or a chat about campus life and then reply to a question about what they heard.

o   Writing

The Writing section measures a capability of the test taker to write in an academic setting as well as comprises of two tasks: one integrated task and one independent task. In the assimilated task, the test takers read a passage on an academic issue and after that listen to a speaker deliberate the same topic. In the independent task, the applicant must write an essay that states, explains, as well as supports their opinion on an issue, assisting their opinions or selections, instead of simply listing personal favorites or the selections as well.

Paper-based Test

The TOEFL PBT test is a test that is based on paper that measures your capability to utilize and to be familiar with English in a classroom setting at the college or at the university level. It precisely measures how well you can listen, read as well as write English during the performance of other academic tasks.

o   Listening (30 to 40 minutes)

The Listening section comprises of the three parts. The first part contains the thirty questions regarding short conversations. The second part consists of eight questions regarding longer conversations. The last part consists of twelve questions regarding lectures or chats.

o   Structure and Written Expression (25 minutes)

The Structure and Written Expression section consist of almost fifteen exercises of completing sentences correctly as well as twenty five exercises of identifying errors.

o   Reading Comprehension (55 minutes)

The Reading Comprehension section consists of fifty questions about reading passages.

o   Writing (30 minutes)

The writing session is normally with one essay of 250 to 300 words.

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